No Prisoners!

The Tsae Shun are a company of Eorzean mercenaries, gathered together by fate into a brotherhood of assassins. Our mission is to decimate all PVE content in the realms we travel with skill, strategy and sound tactics. Nothing will stand in our way as we carve a swath of destruction across Eorzea with a clear goal before us: to achieve glory on the battlefield while lining our pockets with gil…

No Mercy!

We would like to invite new players to join us as we venture forth into uncharted territory. We have a solid foundation, our own reliable Ventrilo server, and a customized dkp system that we'll be adjusting for Final Fantasy XIV.

If you'd like to be part of a team of talented players, then this company may be for you. We are looking forward to exploring Final Fantasy XIV and making some new friends along the way. While only semi-hardcore (no call list predicted), we do anticipate being one of FFXIV's premiere companies and we plan to excel in all areas of the game.

If you expect to play EST evenings and you are over 18, feel free to submit an application for our FFXIV company shortlist (We'll be inviting some players during beta in August).

Explore our website and register on our forums if you'd like to get to know us better…

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FFXIV Raid Schedule
  • Thursday Sept. 16, 8pm
    Pandemonium Lebreau
    req equip Death Penalty
  • Saturday Sept. 18, 8pm
    Byrghir of the Deep
  • Sunday Sept. 19, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • Thursday Sept. 23, 8pm
    All Creation
  • Saturday Sept. 25, 8pm
  • Sunday Sept. 26, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • event history…
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