Company Charter

Here is a brief overview of our company philosophy and how we view ourselves.

1) Our most important principle is that real life is the ultimate priority and that as fun as the game is, our family, friends, work, etc come first (yes, I know, a shocking concept for some).

2) While our endgame will be very successful, we are not an extremely hard core raid company and currently plan to raid 3-4 times a week. We seek to blend raiding with grouping, questing, crafting, socializing, etc. as we all have different preferences that make the game more fun for us.

3) We seek to be extremely helpful to others and especially to our teammates If you are seeking über loot for merely yourself, then this would be the wrong company for you. However, many in the company share upgrades, rare items, etc. with members and this ultimately favors the individual in the long run. Please do not misunderstand, many of us have great items and equipment, but much of it has been through the kindness and generosity of our family. This, however, should not be your primary motivation to join.

4) Humor is a must. You WILL be picked at and made fun at in a good natured way. This game is meant to be fun and we strive to keep it that way.

5) Though certain jobs are in more demand then others, all job classes are welcome. We may accept or reject your application depending on your own personal goals, and whether or not we can accommodate you. We currently base acceptance into the company upon heart and personality and if you are a good fit with the Tsae Shun.

We are a developed company with diverse classes and many high level jobs and can do a lot within the game, but we understand that no matter how über we may become, that our heart and attitude need to remain the same.


FFXIV Raid Schedule
  • Thursday Sept. 16, 8pm
    Pandemonium Lebreau
    req equip Death Penalty
  • Saturday Sept. 18, 8pm
    Byrghir of the Deep
  • Sunday Sept. 19, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • Thursday Sept. 23, 8pm
    All Creation
  • Saturday Sept. 25, 8pm
  • Sunday Sept. 26, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • event history…
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