We do very little active recruiting and most of our recruits are recommended personally by in game friends, however, if you are interested in finding out more about the Tsae Shun please contact any of our members.

We prefer that applicants have some raid experience in an MMO. However, we do make exceptions for people that meet our team's needs and have the right attitude.

Archer (0/1) -- open
Gladiator (0/1) -- open
Gunner (0/1) -- open
Lancer (0/1) -- closed
Maurader (0/0) -- open
Pugilist (0/1) -- open
Alchemist (0/1) -- open
Blacksmith (0/1) -- open
Culinarian (0/1) -- open
Tanner (0/1) -- open
Weaver (0/1) -- open
Conjurer (0/1) -- open
Dancer (0/2) -- open
Summoner (0/1) -- open
Thaumaturge (0/1) -- open
Botanist (0/1) -- open
Fisherman (0/1) -- open
Miner (0/1) -- open

Please fill out the application below if you are considering joining. An officer can answer any questions you have and attempt to explain in detail our company philosophy. It is strongly suggested that you read through our company charter and FAQ to make sure that you will fit in well here, before filling out the application below.

We strive to maintain our integrity and want to invite only the best players that will fit well with our attitude of helping others first, keeping real life a priority, and playing with excellence.

Specific DKP rules regarding recruits and trial periods will be published during beta.

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FFXIV Raid Schedule
  • Thursday Sept. 16, 8pm
    Pandemonium Lebreau
    req equip Death Penalty
  • Saturday Sept. 18, 8pm
    Byrghir of the Deep
  • Sunday Sept. 19, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • Thursday Sept. 23, 8pm
    All Creation
  • Saturday Sept. 25, 8pm
  • Sunday Sept. 26, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • event history…
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