Company Rules

Basically, the bottom line is that this is a game so have fun!

This can vary widely from player to player and we have a diverse group which enhances the dynamics of the company. We do ask that members strive to promote the good reputation we have established among our peers.

If any complaints are brought forth concerning a teammate then the officers will discretely investigate the matter and approach the people involved. We are not a police force, nor your parents, nor your boss etc. None of the officers are interested in babysitting.

However, should there ever be a recurring issue that can not be resolved and a teammate is found to be detrimental to the company, then the officers must be in unanimous agreement to ask this individual to leave.

We do have some guidelines that we've refined over the years…

We do ask that all read and adhere to the “Tsae Shun Code of Conduct” listed in the FAQ section.

Our DKP system is just as complex as any, and works in favor of team members who make a long term commitment to the team. While we will be adjusting our rules to fit with Final Fantasy XIV, we have described our system from Everquest 2 in detail in our FAQ listed under “How is loot handled from raids?”. Feel free to read it so you get an idea of how endgame loot will be handled.

For specific questions regarding Recruits, please read through the “Recruitment” section.

More specific information will be published during beta, and feel free to speak with any officer via our forums if you would like more information on any topic.


FFXIV Raid Schedule
  • Thursday Sept. 16, 8pm
    Pandemonium Lebreau
    req equip Death Penalty
  • Saturday Sept. 18, 8pm
    Byrghir of the Deep
  • Sunday Sept. 19, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • Thursday Sept. 23, 8pm
    All Creation
  • Saturday Sept. 25, 8pm
  • Sunday Sept. 26, 8pm
    Lominsa Caverns
  • event history…
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